Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fast and Easy Weight Loss in 5 Simple Steps

Looking for a really fast and easy weight loss solution? Then follow these 5 simple steps...

1. Get energized -- If you have energy, it will be much easier to lose weight in a fast, easy, healthy, and safe way. First, get enough sleep. Second, drink lots of pure water. Third, avoid simple sugars and most processed carbohydrates and fats. Finally, boost your energy with health things like green tea extract, special energy teas, yerba mate, natural caffeine sources, black tea, sugar-free coffee, and healthy energy supplements containing B vitamins, ginseng, guarana, etc.

2. Kill your appetite -- Certain foods can suppress your appetite naturally and make it much easier and faster to lose fat. The best choices are fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Grapefruit has especially effective hunger-suppressing and fat-burning properties. Cabbage and cabbage soup are natural appetite fighters. Nuts and seeds fill you up and satiate you without adding bad calories.

3. Focus on protein -- Base your meals and snacks around lean protein. You'll fill up faster, avoid hunger, and boost your metabolism naturally. Protein is the hottest-burning macronutrient since it requires lots of calories just to digest and process. Plus it provides the amino acid building blocks for lean muscle tissue.

4. Do short, vigorous workouts -- Don't spend hours doing "torture" cardio workouts. Instead do short 20-40 minute workouts based around intervals. A full-body workout involving bodyweight exercises (like pushups, pullups, squats, etc.) and HIIT-style cardio is an extremely powerful way to burn fat, stimulate muscle growth, speed up the metabolism for hours, and help you look and feel great.

5. Take "fast and easy" supplements -- Some supplements really can help when it comes to easy, fast, and healthy weight loss. They're convenient and they provide the vital nutrients your body needs to maintain a "hot" metabolism and continue dropping pounds as fast as possible. Some of the best choices are whey protein, omega 3 fats, green tea extract, high-bio-availability multivitamins, and natural fiber appetite suppressants (e.g. hoodia and glucomannan).

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