Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bodyweight "Run and Gun" Workouts

Want an incredible fat-burning, full-body muscle-blasting workout that you can do just about anywhere? Looking for the best exercise to lose weight fast?? Then go jogging and, once your muscle are warmed up, do at least a couple sets of 4 or more of the following exercises...

Wind sprints.
Stairs/steps running.
Hill sprints.
Explosive pushups.
Bodyweight squats.
Rock climbing.
Plyometric box jumps.
Inverted rows.
Leapfrog burpees.
Pistol squats.
Just about any interesting bodyweight exercise you can think of that utilizes the things around you.

A jog combined with several intense sets of bodyweight exercises like the ones listed above is possibly the single most effective fat loss workout you can do. I call them "Run and Gun" workouts. You should give them a try if you want to burn fat and lose weight fast, in a way that will explode your metabolism and add lean, toned, sexy muscle to your body quickly! Just make sure you're always moving and keep rest to minimum. Absolutely no sitting or standing around!

Check out this great video of a fantastic run and gun workout example routine being done in the city of Philadelphia:

Just incredible!


p.s. Thanks to Mark's Daily Apple (a fantastic "primal" fitness blog you should check out!)

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