Saturday, November 14, 2009

The BEST Diet to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Looking for a good, healthy, and simple diet to lose 10 lbs of fat fast? Then you'll enjoy this blog post. Below I'm going to outline some extremely effective techniques for losing weight quickly through healthy dieting. Diet is at least 75% of any weight loss program, and by using the methods below you almost can't help but lose fat quickly and relatively easily!

Lose 10 Pounds Fast -- The Best Diet Tips

1. Cut sugars and most processed foods out of your diet.

2. Consume large amounts of vegetables, raw fruits, beans, and legumes. Try to eat mainly low-GI "good" carbohydrates.

3. Focus your meals and snacks around lean proteins.

4. Eat 5-7 small meals and snacks per day.

5. Don't drink calories... stick to water and sugar-free teas, sodas, and soft drinks.

6. Limit your intake of starches to specific times when your body can use them well (such as immediately after a strength-training workout).

7. Eat plenty of healthy fats -- especially unprocessed ones like nuts, seeds, and fish -- and avoid bad ones, especially highly refined oils.

That's it. If you stick to the above rules closely, you definitely will lose 10 pounds within a short amount of time. Most likely a month or two. Don't try to starve yourself. In fact, you should try to eat a pretty large amount of food in order to avoid hunger and food cravings... and also to help speed up your metabolism. But again, you must stick to the rules above... especially the ones regarding cutting sugars/processed foods and limiting starchy carbs.

Here's one more "best diet" tips: plan and prepare ahead of time. That is, plan your daily and weekly meals beforehand and prepare your food so that you always have healthy meals and snacks close by and ready to go. You'll make better food choices and avoid the temptations of fast food restaurants, convenience stores, hot dog stands, etc. This strategy alone can totally transform your eating habits and make it much easier to lose those 10 pounds fast!

So that's pretty much eat: a few of the best, most-effective, and 100% proven dieting/eating tips for losing fat and dropping pounds in a fast, efficient manner.

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