Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Best Natural Way to Lose Fat Fast

Looking for the best natural way to lose body fat fast? The proven fat-burning tips outlined below -- used in combination -- are extremely effective for losing weight in a safe, natural, and healthy way. Give them a try and you'll see for yourself...

Strength train 2-3 times a week

Nothing will help you lose body fat and get into shape fast like regular strength training. For best "fast fitness" results, do a full-body strength-training workout at least twice a week, using moderate to heavy weights. You'll burn calories, boost the metabolism, and build lean muscle quickly... all in one fell swoop!

Eat a 90% unprocessed diet

Get 90% of your weekly calories from healthy, unprocessed foods: meats, nuts, seeds, veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, potatoes, etc. Avoid grains, refined sugars, processed flours, and highly-refined fats/oils. 10% of your calories can come from 1 or 2 "cheat" meals where you eat pretty much anything you want, in order to reward yourself, help with exercise recovery, and confuse/stimulate your metabolism.

Eat starchy carbs and sugars infrequently

Carefully limiting your intake of "bad" carbohydrates is key to fast, natural fat loss. Avoid simple sugars and starches most of the time. Consume them only in your cheat meals and, if you're doing heavy strength training, after your weightlifting workouts. This will help you cut calories and stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Do smart cardio

You don't need to spend hours doing long, boring cardio workouts to burn fat quickly. Focus on smart, efficient cardio exercise: things like high-intensity interval training and taking part in fun sports and intense activities like hiking. View cardio as a "compliment" to your full-body strength training, not your primary form of fat-burning exercise.

Eat protein often

It's very easy to control hunger, limit food cravings, stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, and keep energy levels high and stable: eat a small amount of protein every few hours during the day. This one diet "trick" is one of the best natural ways to lose fat fast and it works almost every time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lose 10 Pounds Fast - 7 of the Best Tips

Here are 7 of the best tips for burning fat fast and losing 10 pounds in a safe, healthy way...

1. Eat only high-quality carbohydrates. Good carbs give you energy, fill you up, and don't negatively effect blood sugar and insulin levels.

2. Eat 5-6 small meals/snack per day. This will keep your metabolism boosted and help you avoid hunger.

3. Drink LOTS of water throughout the day. Flushes waste/toxins from the body, boosts energy, and optimizes the metabolism.

4. Eat lots of high-fiber foods. Kills appetite and cleanses the bowels and digestive system.

5. Never let yourself get too hungry. Helps you avoid food cravings and overeating.

6. Do strength training. Helps you to build more muscle and burn fat faster.

7. Do high-intensity cardio training regularly. HIIT-style cardio is the best, most-effective way to burn fat without losing lots of lean muscle tissue.

There you go: 7 of the best tips for losing 10 pounds fast and in a safe, healthy, efficient way. They are proven to work so be sure to include them in your fat loss program!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Healthy Belly Fat Burning Foods

Just about any personal trainer or weight loss expert will tell you: diet is at least 75% of the solution when it comes to getting rid of stubborn belly fat and losing pounds quickly (or slowly!). The fact of the matter is that certain foods can actually help your body burn off extra fat at a faster rate... including that ugly abdominal fat that keeps you from wearing that tight shirt or skimpy bikini and may have very negative effects on your overall health!

The following foods are what you might call belly fat-burning foods. They are all-natural, healthy foods that should be included in your diet if you want to burn fat, lose weight, and get rid of that "ab fat" as quickly as possible...

1. Lean Protein -- Lean proteins like meat, eggs, and low-fat dairy are an excellent "fat burning food" and should make up the basis of your diet. Protein is a hot-burning food that boosts your metabolism while also helping to suppress the appetite naturally. It's also the building block of lean muscle tissue which is vital to fast and healthy weight loss!

2. Unprocessed Carbs -- Carbohydrates that haven't been processed are your best bet for getting rid of tummy fat. They include things like vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, and seeds. Whole grains can be cycled/rotated in a healthy, metabolism-stimulating way but they should not make up a large percentage or your daily calorie intake. Natural, unprocessed "good" carbs are packed with fiber, healthy nutrients, and quality calories that make it easy to lose weight fast.

3. Healthy Fats -- Sometimes called "good" fats, they include those vital omega 3 fats and monounsaturated fats. Good sources include fish, nuts, seeds, and virgin olive oil. Another super-healthy fat is the natural saturated fat from unrefined coconut oil. These healthy fats stimulate the metabolism, allow your body to function optimally, help to control hunger and food cravings, and make it easier to build muscle while burning belly fat.

So there you go: 3 of the best belly fat burning foods on the planet. If you really want to get rid of your extra abdominal fat quickly make sure you include them in significant quantities in your normal diet!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whey Protein -- The Many Health Benefits

Whey protein is one of the healthiest things you can eat. It's also one of the ultimate "shortcuts" to losing fat, gaining lean muscle, and getting a fit, lean, healthy, and sexy body quickly. Here's a good video that oulines some of the many benefits of whey protein and whey protein powder:

Wow, that's a lot of health and fitness benefits... time for a whey protein shake! :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lose 3 Pounds Fast -- 3 Quick and Easy Tips

Looking for a quick and easy way to lose 3 pounds fast? Then you're in the right place! Below I'll outlined 3 of the best tips for losing up to 3 lbs in just a couple of days...

1. Switch to a high-protein, low-starch diet -- Simply cutting your intake of sugars and starchy carbs can allow you to easily lose three to five pounds quickly. Base your meals around meats, eggs, fish, and other proteins to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat. Stick to good carbs like vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and raw fruit.

2. Eat small meals frequently -- Don't eat 2 or 3 "big" meals per day. Instead eat a small meal or snack about every 2-3 hours. This fires up the metabolism, cuts appetite, and makes it easy to lose pounds fast!

3. Drink a gallon of water per day -- Nothing could be simpler. Just drink a gallon of water over the course of the day. It's a simple, proven, and ultra-effective way to optimize your metabolism, cleanse/detox your body, kill hunger and food cravings, boost your energy, and lose fats/pounds quickly!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Explosive Depth Pushups for Big Muscle

Want to build bigger, more powerful muscles while burning fat fast and dramatically increasing functional strength? Try some explosive depth pushups! These are a powerful form of plyometric exercise for upper-body strength and power.

Check this out:

Note: This is only for people who are already fairly well conditioned!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Quick Way to Lose 10 Pounds and Get Fit Naturally

Want to lose 10 pounds, get fit, boost your energy, and feel GREAT... 100% naturally? Then just follow the proven tips below...

1. Write down a goal -- Spend half an hour to come up with and write down a specific short term goal. Losing 10 lbs is a realistic objective that can significantly improve the way you look and feel in a relatively short amount of time.

2. Cut out all sugars and starches -- Cut refined sugars and most starchy carbs out of your diet for the next 3 weeks. The only starches you should consume during this time are beans, legumes, and bananas. No breads/grains, rice, potato, etc. This is a smart way to cut calories and stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels. After 3 weeks you can start rotating starches into your diet.

3. Eat a paleo-like diet -- Eat mainly natural, unprocessed "paleo" foods: lean meats, eggs, fish/shellfish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, raw fruits, and small amounts of healthy oils (virgin olive oil, coconut oil, etc.). Also eat plenty of beans and legumes to help keep hunger and food cravings under control This healthy fat loss diet will give you tons of energy and help you drop pounds very quickly.

4. Do smart exercise -- Do at least 20 minutes of smart exercise 6 days a week. Do both cardio and full-body strength training. Do at least 3 "tough" workouts that involve resistance training and/or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The rest can be "light" workouts that can be as simple as half an hour of fast walking around the block.

5. Cover the basics -- Get plenty of sleep (at least 7 hours). Drink lots of water (at least 60 ounces a day). And avoid alcohol and drugs. These are simple but vitally important if you want to lose weight and get fit fast!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sgt. Rudy Reyes' Bodyweight Circuit

Here's more proof that anyone can get fit, lean, and muscular using only bodyweight circuit training:

Thanks Sergeant Reyes!

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Looking for some easy ways to lose weight fast, in a safe/healthy manner? Then you'll like the list of proven diet and exercise tips below...

1. Jumpstart your fat loss with a juice fast -- Do a 1, 2, or 3-day raw juice fast to jumpstart your metabolism, cleanse/detox your entire body, boost your energy, flush waste products out of your system, and lose a pound or two quickly and easily.

2. Drink a gallon of water per day -- If you sip water constantly all day long, you'll suppress your appetite and keep food cravings in check. You'll also boost your energy and optimize your metabolism. All of this adds up to faster, easier weight loss!

3. Do morning exercise -- Doing as little as 10 minutes of exercise first thing each morning can have a huge impact on your health and fitness levels. Besides being a natural energy-booster and metabolism-stimulator, morning exercise makes you feel great and greatly increase the chances that you'll make healthy food and activity choices for the rest of the day. It's definitely an easy way to lose weight fast (and healthily)!

4. Use fiber -- High-fiber foods and fiber supplements can make losing weight much, much easier to do. That's mainly because fiber is a natural hunger-killer that keeps your from overeating and helps you stick to your diet. Also, pretty much all fiber-rich foods are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients that optimize your metabolism and help you burn fat faster.

5. Do short, full-body workouts -- You don't need to spend hours doing long, boring, difficult, and painful "cardio" workouts in order to lose weight quickly. In fact, the most effective form of exercise for burning fat fast is called "interval training" and it involves doing short, intense workouts based around brief intervals of high-intensity activity. Sprinkling some sprints or burpees into a slow jog is one of the simplest examples of HIIT. But by far the most effective single workout is a full-body circuit training workout based around bodyweight movements like squats, burpees, box jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, Turkish get-ups, etc. Your "intervals" in these workouts are circuits of 1 set each of 3 or 5 compound/multi-joint exercises performed with no rest in-between sets. Rest for a minute between circuits and repeat a few times. Nothing will help you get rid of pounds of body fat in a faster, easier, or more-efficient manner!

The Egg / Grapefruit Diet

Looking for a fast and healthy way to lose 5 or 10 pounds? Ever heard of the "egg and grapefruit" diet? It's an extremely simple and straightforward low-carb diet... and yes, it's based around eating eggs and grapefruit. Sometimes it's called a "3 Day Diet" but it's really not the same popular three-day diet that involves eating toast, crackers, hotdogs, etc.

The real egg/grapefruit diet involves eating at least 3-5 whole eggs per day and at least 2-3 whole grapefruits. You can snack on whole, unsweetened, unsalted or lightly salted (or, better yet, raw!) nuts and seeds throughout the day. Also you must drink at least a gallon of water during the day to achieve maximum metabolism-boosting, body-cleansing, and fat loss-stimulating results.

Do the diet for 3 days at a time and start off each day with a breakfast of whole eggs (hard-boiled is the best/easiest option) and at least half a raw grapefruit. No sugar or sweeteners should be added. Then proceed to eat a small snack every 2-3 hours during the day, along with lots and lots of pure water and/or unsweetened teas. A snack/meal can be as simple as a handful of sunflower seeds.

Avoid all refined sugars and grain flours. In fact, to really shed the pounds ultra-quickly, avoid all processed foods during this time, as well as "natural" starchy carbs like potatoes. Simply stick to the cooked eggs, raw grapefruit, and unprocessed or lightly-processed nuts and seeds. If you absolutely must have some starchy carbs in your diet, eat a small bowl of whole-grain oatmeal with your morning meal. At least this healthy carb won't negatively affect your blood sugar and insulin levels the way most starches and grain products do.

So there you go: the famous egg and grapefruit diet. Very simple and very "doable". The large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and "good" fats found in whole eggs... as well as the high fiber, enzyme, and vitamin C content of the grapefruits makes this a relatively healthy and safe short-term diet anyone can use to lose 5, 10, or even more pounds very quickly.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

100 Burpee Pull-Up Workout

Now this is impressive:

Do that simple workout once or twice a week and I GUARANTEE you'll lose fat and get into great shape quickly!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gain Muscle and Lose Weight -- Quickly and at the Same Time!

When it comes to losing weight and building lean muscle, most people try to do one or the other... often trying to lose body fat before gaining lean muscle. It's actually possible, however, to do both at the same time. The proven tips below can help you gain muscle while burning fat quickly and simultaneously...

1. Go big or go home -- Don't try to take fitness "baby steps" like cutting a few calories from a few meals. Instead, go all out in terms of eating a very clean, high-protein diet and doing smart, efficient fat-burning/muscle-building exercise. This strategy is usually much more effective than the typical "slow" fitness model, both in the short and long term.

2. Use water and fiber -- Drink lots of water -- up to a gallon or so a day -- and also eat several high-fiber meals and snack per day. Besides speeding up your metabolism and boosting your energy, you'll help limit your appetite and control hunger/food cravings... making it much easier to lose weight while you gain muscle.

3. Eat a high-protein, good-carb diet -- Eat a healthy diet based around natural, unprocessed foods... mainly lean meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, raw fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans. Also be sure to get some healthy fats into your diet every day to support healthy metabolism and muscle-building hormone production.

4. Eat often -- Eat a small protein-rich meal or snack about every 2-3 hours during the day. This will speed up your metabolism while helping you add quality calories which should make it easier to increase lean muscle tissue. It will also keep hunger in check and help you make better food choices.

5. Do full-body workouts -- The ultimate key to quick muscle gain and fast fat loss is efficient exercise. The best, most-effective workouts are ones based around big, compound, multi-joint, "full body" exercises. Squats, dips, pullups, and burpees are a few great examples. Keep your workouts short and intense. You'll burn off fat while building and toning vital lean muscle tissue!

6. Take whey, fish oil, and multivitamins -- The best diet supplements for losing weight while building muscle mass are whey protein powder, omega 3 fats (fish oil), and a good multivitamin supplement. These are inexpensive supplements that support a fast metabolism and help your body recover from intense workouts, building new muscle while shedding extra fat.

So there you go: some of the best tips for gaining muscle mass while losing weight... quickly and at the same time. It might seem tough to do but the powerful tips listed above are proven to help you transform your body and improve your health in a very short amount of time. Good luck!

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Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

Losing just five pounds can really make a big improvement in terms of how you feel and how you look. In this post I'll show you one of the best ways to lose 5 pounds in 5 days. Just a little bit of clean eating and simple exercise is all it takes. Here we go...

Five Steps to Lose 5 Lbs in 5 Days

1. Do a simple cleanse -- For one or two days follow a simple raw juice fast or raw foods diet. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are all you need. Organic is always best of course. A short juice fast or all-raw diet will cleanse your body, detox your tissues, flush waste products out of your system, boost your energy, and even help you lose a pound or two easily.

2. Do morning workouts -- Spend 15-30 minutes doing some form of blood-pumping exercise first thing in the morning, at least 6 days our of the week. Besides burning calories and boosting your metabolism, you'll literally jumpstart your day and be much more likely to make smart food choices.

3. Go low-carb -- A simple lower-carb diet is your best option for losing 5 pounds fast. Base your meals around meat, lean proteins, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy unprocessed oils (olive oil, coconut, sesame, etc.). Don't be afraid of eating a couple small pieces of fruit as well. We're not trying to go ketogenic here.

4. Snack often -- Eat a small high-fiber, protein-rich snack about every 3 hours during the day. This will keep your hunger in check, help you avoid food cravings, and boost your metabolism so you burn fat and lose pounds even faster.

5. Do full-body workouts -- At least every other day do some form of full-body workout. Do both strength training and high-intensity interval training exercise. You'll burn calories, lose fat quickly, and stimulate your metabolism in a very powerful way due to the hormones your body produces after full-body exercise.

Now you know a great way to lose 5 lbs in just 5 days. It's relatively simple, easy, and straight-forward. All it takes is some effective exercise and clean eating. Give it a try!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hindu Pushups: Burn Fat & Build Functional Upper-Body Strength

Hindu pushups -- also known as "dands" -- are definitely one of the best exercises to build strength, develop arm/shoulder flexibility, increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories/fat all at the same time. In many ways they're superior to normal pushups and are highly recommended for anyone who wants to create a great-looking body with lots of "functional" strength.

Here's a great video that shows how to do hindu pushups:

Think it looks easy to do? Try doing a few sets of 20-30 reps and you might just change your mind! :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Best Way to Lose 20 Pounds Fast

There are many ways to lose weight quickly. Some good... some not so good. In this article I'll show you the best way to lose 20 pounds fast. And no, it doesn't involve extreme calorie cutting, starvation, expensive diet supplements, or insane workout plans that leave you feeling like crap.

All it really takes to lose 20 pounds quickly is 3 things: full-body strength training, clean diet, and some "short and smart" cardio exercise. If you combine all three things at the same time, you don't have to go overboard with any single technique. The combination is a synergistic one that will allow you to quickly and easily boost your metabolism, increase fat burning dramatically, boost your energy, improve the overall look of your body, feel good, and lose at least 20 lbs quickly and simply.

Lose 20 Lbs Fast -- The Best Way to Get the Job Done

1. Go all out -- If you want to lose weight quickly, you gotta go all out in terms of doing these 3 things at the same time: eating cleanly, doing resistance training, and performing cardio workouts. Don't "half step" and do only one or two parts of the formula. You'll get MUCH better/faster results with the proven combination of techniques.

2. Get a journal and a calendar -- Get a simple notebook and write down your primary goal -- to lose 20 pounds fast in a healthy way -- on the first page. Then, each night before you go to bed, write down the "must do" steps you must take every day to lose weight quickly. In your calendar, mark a straight horizontal line through each day that you accomplish every step. If you can get that line to at least 21 days you'll have created extremely healthy habits, lose several pounds of body fat, and solved 90% of your fitness/weight loss problems.

3. Start doing morning exercise -- Do 15-30 minutes of invigorating exercise first thing each morning. If all you can do is speed walk around the block, that's fine. By doing this you'll jumpstart your day both physically and mentally... and you'll just feel great!

4. Make water your best friend -- Carry a large water bottle with you everywhere you go. Sip from it all day long. Try to drink at least a gallon of water per day, at least during the initial stage. This will flush out toxins and waste products from your body, boost your energy, increase your metabolism, and most-likely help you lose a few pounds of extra "water weight" that your body is holding on to.

5. Eat 5-6 high-protein meals a day -- Eat a small protein-rich meal or snack about every 2-3 hours during the day. This is a simple and proven way to help you avoid hunger, kill food cravings, speed up your metabolism, keep your energy levels steady, and allow you to lose 20 pounds fast.

6. Eat a "clean calorie" diet -- At least 90% of your weekly calories should be "clean calories" from these foods: lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and minimally-processed unrefined plant oils (e.g. virgin olive oil and coconut oil). Avoid highly-processed foods as much as possible, especially refined sugars, grain flours, and fats. Eat one large "cheat" meal per week to reward yourself and confuse/speed up your metabolism.

7. Do full-body strength training -- 2-4 times a week, do a full-body workout based around "big" compound resistance exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, lunges, dips, inverse rows, hanging leg raises, etc. Keep your workouts short (under 40 minutes) and intense. Keep rest between sets and circuits minimal. This is without a doubt the best, most-effective form of exercise for burning fat, boosting the metabolism, building lean muscle, and quickly improving the overall look of your body.

8. Do smart cardio -- Do some form of "smart" cardiovascular exercise at least 4 times a week, either by itself or immediately after a strength/resistance workout. Don't kill yourself with hours of long, boring, and painful "slow" cardio (think jogging on a treadmill... like a hamster on a wheel!). Instead do short bouts of higher-intensity exercise. Keep things fun and interesting. Throw in a couple of brief high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions. Find a sport or two that you really enjoy and play once or twice a week.

9. Take support supplements -- Very few diet supplements actually provide any kind of weight loss benefits. There are a few however that can help you recover faster from tough workouts and possibly even help to speed up the metabolism and the rate at which you burn fat. The best supplements for losing pounds faster include: whey protein powder, omega 3 fats, a good multivitamin, and high-quality green tea extract (a great natural energy booster that, if taken before workouts, can help you burn more fat in less time).

So there you go: the best way to lose 20 pounds fast. Healthy weight loss really isn't that complicated and it never involves starvation, ultra-painful workouts, or expensive and often dangerous diet pills, powders, potions, etc. Just stick to the proven "basics" outlined above and the pounds will come of quickly... often within just a few weeks.

By the way, here's a nice video with some good tips on losing twenty lbs fast:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Great No-Equipment Workout for Women

Think you need a bunch of weights and exercise equipment to get an effective workout ladies? Well think again. Your own bodyweight is all the resistance you need to get a super-effective full-body workout that you can perform anytime and just about anywhere.

The circuit shown in the video below is guaranteed to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, and tone your entire body in a short amount of time. Give it a try...

Just do that circuit about 3-5 times with minimal rest in between. You'll definitely "feel" it in all your muscles. Just goes to show that very effective workout options can be simple, free, and fun!