Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gain Muscle and Lose Weight -- Quickly and at the Same Time!

When it comes to losing weight and building lean muscle, most people try to do one or the other... often trying to lose body fat before gaining lean muscle. It's actually possible, however, to do both at the same time. The proven tips below can help you gain muscle while burning fat quickly and simultaneously...

1. Go big or go home -- Don't try to take fitness "baby steps" like cutting a few calories from a few meals. Instead, go all out in terms of eating a very clean, high-protein diet and doing smart, efficient fat-burning/muscle-building exercise. This strategy is usually much more effective than the typical "slow" fitness model, both in the short and long term.

2. Use water and fiber -- Drink lots of water -- up to a gallon or so a day -- and also eat several high-fiber meals and snack per day. Besides speeding up your metabolism and boosting your energy, you'll help limit your appetite and control hunger/food cravings... making it much easier to lose weight while you gain muscle.

3. Eat a high-protein, good-carb diet -- Eat a healthy diet based around natural, unprocessed foods... mainly lean meats, eggs, fish, vegetables, raw fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, and beans. Also be sure to get some healthy fats into your diet every day to support healthy metabolism and muscle-building hormone production.

4. Eat often -- Eat a small protein-rich meal or snack about every 2-3 hours during the day. This will speed up your metabolism while helping you add quality calories which should make it easier to increase lean muscle tissue. It will also keep hunger in check and help you make better food choices.

5. Do full-body workouts -- The ultimate key to quick muscle gain and fast fat loss is efficient exercise. The best, most-effective workouts are ones based around big, compound, multi-joint, "full body" exercises. Squats, dips, pullups, and burpees are a few great examples. Keep your workouts short and intense. You'll burn off fat while building and toning vital lean muscle tissue!

6. Take whey, fish oil, and multivitamins -- The best diet supplements for losing weight while building muscle mass are whey protein powder, omega 3 fats (fish oil), and a good multivitamin supplement. These are inexpensive supplements that support a fast metabolism and help your body recover from intense workouts, building new muscle while shedding extra fat.

So there you go: some of the best tips for gaining muscle mass while losing weight... quickly and at the same time. It might seem tough to do but the powerful tips listed above are proven to help you transform your body and improve your health in a very short amount of time. Good luck!

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