Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lose 3 Pounds Fast -- 3 Quick and Easy Tips

Looking for a quick and easy way to lose 3 pounds fast? Then you're in the right place! Below I'll outlined 3 of the best tips for losing up to 3 lbs in just a couple of days...

1. Switch to a high-protein, low-starch diet -- Simply cutting your intake of sugars and starchy carbs can allow you to easily lose three to five pounds quickly. Base your meals around meats, eggs, fish, and other proteins to speed up your metabolism and burn more fat. Stick to good carbs like vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and raw fruit.

2. Eat small meals frequently -- Don't eat 2 or 3 "big" meals per day. Instead eat a small meal or snack about every 2-3 hours. This fires up the metabolism, cuts appetite, and makes it easy to lose pounds fast!

3. Drink a gallon of water per day -- Nothing could be simpler. Just drink a gallon of water over the course of the day. It's a simple, proven, and ultra-effective way to optimize your metabolism, cleanse/detox your body, kill hunger and food cravings, boost your energy, and lose fats/pounds quickly!

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