Tuesday, November 24, 2009

12 Cheap Fat-Burning Foods

You don't need to spend a lot of money on healthy fat-burning foods in order to lose weight in a fast, easy way. Sure, some of the healthiest foods are a little expensive (e.g. organic fruits and grass-fed beef) but there are also dozens of ultra-healthy, nutrient-dense, "weight loss" foods that can be had for about a dollar per pound or less. Here are 12 examples...

Eggs -- A protein "superfood" packed with important vitamins, minerals, and good fats (if you don't throw away the valuable yolk!). And yes, the plain white (read: cheap!) varieties are just fine.

"Whole Fryer" Chickens -- Yes you gotta chop 'em up yourself (which is a good workout anyway) but it's worth it for all the high-quality protein you get!

Ground Beef -- An inexpensive, quality protein that can be used in dozens of tasty recipes.

Nuts & Seeds -- Sometimes you gotta search but these nutrient-dense foods can be had for little money and they make the perfect appetite-suppressing snack. Look for "in-the-shell" varieties to save money and give your hands/fingers a great workout.

Apples -- Full of vitamins, minerals, and hunger-killing fiber.

Grapes -- The red, blue, and black varieties are full of healthy antioxidants and fiber.

Bananas -- One of the most convenient snack foods, especially when combined with a healthy protein like natural peanut butter or a handful of roasted nuts and seeds.

Diet Plums/Prunes -- One of the healthiest antioxidant-packed foods you can eat that's also a natural appetite suppressant and bowel/colon cleanser.

Dry Beans -- A true "superfood" that kills the appetite and should make up a large part of your weekly calories.

Carrots -- A vitamin-rich veggie that makes a great snack when paired with a healthy protein and/or fat.

Rolled Oats -- One of the few whole grains that should definitely be a part of any rapid fat loss diet.

Brown Rice -- Another low-GI starchy carb that can be incorporated into a fast weight loss eating plan.

So there you have 'em: 12 cheap "fat-burning" foods you should be eating on a regular basis. These inexpensive foods are all nutritional powerhouses that provide the protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats you need to lose weight in a fast, healthy, safe, and easy way!

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