Friday, July 24, 2009

The Best Way to Lose 15 Pounds in 2-3 Weeks

Without a doubt, one of the most common questions we get here at Fast, Easy Fit is: "What is the best way to lose 15 pounds fast?". "Fast" usually means in about 2 or 3 weeks... sometimes only 1 week! The key to burning fat, losing pounds, and creating a fitter, leaner, sexier body fast is consistency. You must know the best techniques for dropping weight quickly and then use those techniques on a consistent, day-to-day basis.

Here's a quick overview of one of the most-effective methods for losing weight quickly, but also in a relatively safe, healthy manner...

1. Jumpstart your fat loss

You can "jumpstart" your fat loss and start losing pounds right away by taking these steps:

-- Get plenty of sleep
-- Drink lots of water daily
-- Eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds every day
-- Avoid refined sugars, highly processed foods, and alcohol
-- Start doing at least 10 minutes of brisk exercise first thing in the morning, before eating

2. Focus on your diet

Diet is 75% of healthy weight loss. The cleaner your diet is, the easier it will be to drop fat and lose pounds fast. Focus on eating clean-burning, unprocessed foods like lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils (e.g. extra-virgin olive oil). Limit your intake of starches, especially grain products. Learn to rotate or "cycle" your carbohydrates intake. One day a week, have a huge cheat meal to reward your effort and to confuse your metabolism so it doesn't slow down due to your decreased calorie intake.

3. Do smart exercise

Exercise is vital for healthy fat loss. But you don't have to spend hours on the treadmill. A 10-minute workout based around intervals can provide more fat loss and body-changing benefits than a 60 minute jog. Do short, simple, intense workouts based around full-body exercises. Do both cardio training and strength/resistance training. Workout at least 4 days a week and no more than 6 days. Keep all workouts to under 40 minutes.

So that's it. One of the best ways to lose 15 pounds in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Give it a go and see how fast that ugly fat melts off your body!

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