Thursday, June 11, 2009

Losing Belly Fat Fast -- 3 of the BEST Tips to Burn Off Your Belly

Looking for some of the best tips for losing belly fat fast and getting a leaner, sexier body in less time? The techniques outlined below can help you get rid of your stubborn abdominal fat quickly, and in a way that boosts your metabolism and makes it easy to continue losing weight for as long as you want. Next time you need to lose some stomach fat give these proven tips a try...

Focus on Clean-Burning Foods

The best diet for losing belly fat fast is one based around natural, unprocessed, "clean burning" whole foods like lean proteins, good carbs (including vegetables, fruits, and beans), and healthy fats (like extra virgin olive oil and avocado). If you get most -- at least 90% -- or your weekly calories from these healthy "fat burning" foods you'll keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in check while giving your body an energy boost. You'll also be able to lose stomach fat very quickly!

Do Smart Exercise Often

Regular exercise is definitely one of the best ways to lose belly fat quickly. Besides burning calories and fat, daily exercise helps to lower stress levels -- meaning that your body produces less cortisol and other bad "belly fat-creating" hormones. Exercise -- especially vigorous, higher-intensity workouts -- also helps you sleep better. Studies show people who get more sleep tend to store less of their body fat in their abdominal area. The best forms of exercise for losing belly fat fast are: HIIT-style cardio, full-body strength training, and playing a sport that requires short bursts of higher-intensity activity (i.e. intervals).

Boost Your Energy

People who have high energy levels have a much better chance at losing their stomach fat quickly. Low energy leads to bad food/diet choices and skipped workouts. Focus on boosting your energy naturally by getting plenty of sleep (most people need at least 7 hours) and drinking lots of water during the day (60 ounces is a good amount to shoot for). Also, eat lots of living raw foods (mainly fruits and vegetables) and try to eat a protein-rich meal, snack, or shake about every 3 hours during the day. Absolutely avoid all refined sugars, flours, and fats. Consider taking a healthy energy supplement containing some form of natural caffeine, such as a green tea extract supplement. A caffeine-shot 30-45 minutes before a workout will help you exercise more intensely and also speed up your metabolism so you burn more fat for energy.

There you go! Now you know 3 of the best techniques for losing belly fat fast. If you use them on a consistent basis you should be able to lose at least 10 pounds of belly fat within the next few weeks. Good luck and getting going!

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