Friday, June 19, 2009

The Best Way to Lose Body Fat Fast

Looking for the best way to lose body fat fast? Well it's all about boosting your metabolism naturally, eating a clean diet, and burning fat efficiently with smart exercise. You don't need to -- and never should -- starve yourself, overdo it on exercise, and/or take handfuls of expensive (sometimes dangerous) diet pills/fat burners/appetite suppressants/etc.

Here is the best way to lose body fat quickly and in a safe, healthy way...

Strength train -- Regular strength training not only burns lots of fat, it also boosts your metabolism while increasing your overall fitness. It also tightens and tones muscle which can make you look a lot leaner quickly.

Do efficient interval-based cardio -- Interval-based cardio such as HIIT burns A LOT of calories and fat in a short amount of time. It also helps to protect vital lean muscle tissue and a healthy metabolism. Simply put, it's the best type of exercise for losing body fat fast... so do it often!

Eat natural, unprocessed foods -- If you eat mostly whole, natural, unprocessed foods you will lose weight fast and, best of all, you won't have to worry too much about calories. Focus on lean meats, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and healthy fats from things like avocado, olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, etc.

Limit your carb intake -- Limit your intake of starchy carbs and eliminate all highly-processed carbs, including refined sugars, white flours, etc. Cycle/rotate you intake of healthy starches like baked potatoes and whole grains in a way that confuses the metabolism and keeps it boosted.

Eat often -- Try to eat a small, protein-rich, fiber-rich meal or snack every 2-4 hours. This will keep your metabolism revved up and help you avoid hunger and food cravings.

Plan ahead -- Plan your meals and workouts in advance. Develop habits and get into a fitness routine so that you don't have to think or make tough choices, especially regarding your food and meals.

Keep it simple -- Losing fat fast basically comes down to doing 3 simple things on a consistent basis: full-body strength training, interval-based cardio exercise, and eating a clean, unprocessed diet. Don't complicate the process. Just KISS and you'll be successful!

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