Monday, August 3, 2009

Ab Circle Pro vs. Ab Coaster Pro

This is it! The battle of the "pro" ab machines! Forget about those crappy amateur abdominal exercisers. We're in the big leagues now and we want to know: which is better, the Ab Circle Pro or the Ab Coaster Pro? These popular new "as seen on TV" ab gadgets are being marketed heavily and lots of people are buying them. But which one really works and gives you the best ab-building/fat-burning results?

These two products have more in common than just using sexy fitness models to boost sales. Both the Ab Circle and the Ab Coaster are based around the same premise: work your abdominals by swinging your lower body through space. In the case of the Ab Circle Pro, you're swinging your hips and legs from side to side. With the Ab Coaster Pro you swing your lower half from front to back. Both are based around the well-proven fact that lower ab exercises such as leg-raises and knee-raises are incredibly effective at working all the muscles of the abdominal region without the stresses and back/neck strains involved with typical ab exercises (think the crunch and the situp).

One thing we really like about the Ab Circle Pro is that it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of your range of motion and the types of exercises you can do. It also gives your legs much more of a workout... something that can be a positive or negative depending on your personal fitness goals.

The thing we like best about the Ab Coaster Pro is that it's very durable, well-built, and comfortable... especially on the knees. That rugged construction comes with a cost: the Ab Coaster is about twice as expensive as the Ab Circle. There's even a version of the Ab Coaster that's designed for commercial/professional gyms that costs over a thousand dollars. Now that seems to us to be the real "pro" model!

So we still want to know: which is better, the Ab Coaster Pro or the Ab Circle Pro. Please leave your own reviews, opinions, and comments in the space below. We'd love to hear what you have to say about these innovative new abdominal machines!

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