Sunday, April 26, 2009

Andrology Fat Burner Review

Andrology Fat Burner for Men is another product I've been seeing ads for everywhere. Apparently it's a solution for getting rid of belly fat, "love handles", and "man boobs". Nice. I've never had the man boob problem but I've definitely had my share of battles with extra stomach fat.

Some quick research turned up a few facts. Here they are:

-- Andrology Fat Burner for Men is a "natural" topical gel that you apply to areas on your body where you want to lose fat

-- It was apparently developed by a board certified plastic surgeon from Atlanta named Dr. Arthur Jay Simon

-- It's main active ingredients are: Guarana extract, Bitter Orange extract, and Green Tea extract

-- It claims to be clinically proven to remove extra body fat and reduce waist size within two weeks

-- The web site claims that you don't have to change your diet or exercise habits to see results

-- There is a 100% money-back guarantee

I've been looking for reviews of the Andrology Fat Burner but haven't had much success. That may be because hardly anyone has bought it, despite the strong marketing push behind the product. There are definitely a few "red flags".

First, no over-the-counter topical get has ever been shown to have a significant fat loss capability. Second, the main ingredients in Andrology are certainly not ground-breaking. They're all commonly found in herbal fat burners/diet pills and, again, have little scientific proof backing up their effectiveness. Finally, the plastic surgeon, Dr. Simon, is a hand surgeon! I'm not sure what "special" expertise any plastic surgeon has regarding natural fat burners, much less one who specializes in reconstructing hands and wrists.

Oh, one more thing. The web site is full of ridiculous psuedo-scientific copywriting such as the following:
"The “Modern Man” has evolved to whereby appearance is more and more important. Slihouette becomes as essential as skin quality or facial aesthetics. Enabling the man to find again or maintain an attractive shape means offering him seduction and well-being arguments. ANDROLOGY Fat Burner for Men is the first slimming cosmetic ingredient specifically dedicated to men.

The bottom line: Andrology Fat Burner for Men is almost certainly a scam/rip-off product that provides little or no results. The marketing behind the product is designed to prey on the insecurities of "modern man" and is the kind of BS marketing that makes the weight loss supplement industry look so bad. Save your money and buy some vitamins, pure green tea extract, or some whey protein!

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