Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Quick and Easy 20-Minute Workout

Only have about 20 minutes to do a fat-burning workout? Give this one a try..

  • 5-Minute Warmup: Jumping jacks, light jogging, and/or light shadow boxing
  • 3-Minutes Jumping Rope
  • 2 Sets Hanging Leg Raises OR Crunches (10-15 reps per set, Approx. 1-2 minutes total)
  • 3-Minutes Jumping Rope
  • 3 Set of Burpees (5-7 reps per set, Approx. 2-4 minutes total)
  • 3-Minutes Jumping Rope

That's it! A fast, energizing, and fat-destroying workout you can do at your local park. Give it a try!

Note: The only "rest" in this workout is the few seconds it takes to switch between exercises or sets. Keep your heart-rate up, break a sweat, and burn that body fat!

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