Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Fast Fat Loss Tips That Are Guaranteed to Work

Very few fat loss tips are 100% guaranteed to work. These ones are...

1. Raise your resting metabolic rate. Your body is constantly burning calories for energy. There is one proven way to increase the rate at which it burns calories, even when it's at rest: increase your lean muscle tissue. Building and maintaing muscle is vitally important to losing body fat and keeping it off through a fast natural metabolism.

2. Eat more frequently. Digesting food requires a very large amount of energy. So, obviously, the more often your body has to digest the more calories it will use for energy. Increase your meal frequency and you'll burn more calories. Try to eat at least 5-7 small, healthy, protein-rich meals and snacks a day... spaced about 2-3 hours apart. This will also make it much easier to control hunger!

3. Eat more protein. The thermic effect (the amount of energy needed to digest it) of protein is about twice that of carbs and fat. Your body uses much more calories to process protein than other macronutrients. Therefore, you should aim to increase your protein intake. Extra protein calories are much more unlikely to end up as stored body fat. Plus, protein kills hunger and stabilized blood sugar and insulin levels... all important keys to losing body fat quickly!

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