Tuesday, December 29, 2009

VPX Meltdown Reviews Anyone?

As you may know already, VPX Meltdown is a very popular weight loss supplement that has kind of taken the fat loss/fitness world by storm over the past year or so. We've gotten several requests from readers asking for expert opinions and user reviews. Fortunately 2 of our contributing writers have used Meltdown and you can see their short reviews below. If you've used the product or know something about it please be sure to leave your own reviews, opinions, testimonials, feedback, etc. in the "comments" section below.

VPX Meltdown is definitely a unique product. It's also got a lot of marketing muscle behind it, as is almost always the case with VPX products. All diet supplement companies tend to exaggerate but VPX often takes the hyperbole to another level. Of course, they are one of the few companies whose products often live up to the hype. In fact, their fat loss stuff tends to be very, very strong... in fact, too strong for some people who are very sensitive to stimulant-based supplements (ever tried their "Redline" energy drink or capsule??).

VPX claims that a university study proved that Meltdown produces a powerful thermogenic (fat-burning) effect that lasts at last 6 hours and can possibly raise the metabolism significantly up to 8 hours after taking the supplement. That's a pretty long time when you're talking about a simple pill. Also, they claim that people who take VPX can experience 56% more fat oxidation and a 29% boost in thermogenic effect... both of which are huge for an over-the-counter energy/fat-burner product.

But marketing claims are one thing. Actual user results are another. So without further ado we present reviews from 2 VPX Meltdown users. Enjoy...

In the early part of this year I started lifting heavy weights again for the first time in a long time in an attempt to pack on some more muscle mass. I lifted heavy and ate a lot. Some days I took in as much as 5000 calories with lots of protein, fat, and carbs. Needless to say I added a good amount of bodyfat along with the new muscle and so, for the past 6 months, I've been trying to burn off the extra blubber so that people can actually see the fruits of my labor! A friend recommended VPX Meltdown as the best fat-burner he had every tried. I have to say that right away I liked it. It's powerful stuff and it definitely kicks up your energy and strength for intense cardio workouts. I tried taking it on "off" days when I didn't workout but that didn't work out too well. It's just too much stimulation if you're not going to burn off the excess energy (at least for me). In the end I was able to lose about 15 pounds of pure fat in less than 2 months. Definitely the fastest and easiest weight loss I've ever experienced. So in conclusion I would recommend VPX Meltdown for anyone looking for a heavy-duty fat loss supplement. But it's really for people who are doing intense strength training and/or cardio exercise on a regular basis... not couch potatoes looking to lose a couple lbs!

-- Doug Caldwell

I spent over a week researching the best fat loss supplements on the market. After looking at the scientific research behind Meltdown I decided to give it a try. This stuff has some really interesting ingredients you don't see in a lot of products. Some of them concerned me a little because of bad reactions I've heard about other people having (yohimbe and synephrine especially). But I decided to give it a 3-week test run anyway to see if the product was really good as some people say it is. Long story short, it's a butt-kicker. From the first day I could feel the incredible energy and mood-boosting benefits of Meltdown. It killed my appetite and made me fly through tough exercise sessions. Combined with a special high-protein/low-carb diet I was able to lose about 7.5 pounds in just a couple weeks, nearly all of it body fat. Needless to say I'm pretty happy with the results. I would recommend to your readers that they begin with a very small dosage and then work their way up. VPX Meltdown has a very appropriate name. It'll melt down your fat but it'll probably also melt down your brain if you're not careful. Hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know when you post it please. Thanks!

-- Carrie Ring

Have your own VPX Meltdown reviews or comments? Please leave them below!


Rande said...

I use VPX Meltdown and for the most part I like it. It gives me a big boost before my workouts. I'm thinking about trying Lipo 6 as well. Do you have any plans to do a review of that product or maybe even a side by side comparison with the VPX Meltdown? Just an idea... ;)

Richie Eisler said...

I've used just about every type of diet pill and fat burner they sell and so far Meltdown is my favorite product. It gives you a great burst of energy but doesn't leave you feeling tired and burned out an hour and a half later. I highly recommend this fat loss supplement to anyone looking for a good way to suppress their appetite, eat less, exercise more, and get rid of flab alot faster!

Lilly Thomson said...

I want to use Meltdown because that's what I've heard is the best right now but i'm worried because it's kind of expensive and i heard it has a really high caffeine content. Plus my girl friend used it and wasn't too thrilled. Seems like the reviews are mixed but I'll probably give it a good college try anyway. If I do i'll my own "testimonial" here to help out.

Sarah Beal said...

hi! i just started on the vpx melt down and i freaking LOVE it so far. it's exactly what i've been looking for. in fact it's the only fat burner that i actually enjoy taking. i definitely recommend it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reviews! i've been thinking about buying Meltdown for awhile now but have been too scared up til now. plus it's kind of expensive! but i think if it can help me get rid of my dang belly fat it's worth the price! :D

Anonymous said...

Guys if you go to your local walmart you will find a 72 capsule bottle for 19.98 - 22 dollars after taxes. Cant beat that !! Gnc and all vitamin stores want 60+ dollars no way jose ill save my $40.