Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get "Six Pack" Abs -- A Fast, Healthy Way

Lots of people want to lose fat fast and get "six pack" abdominal muscles in a minimal amount of time. In fact it's one of the hottest topics in the world of fitness. Well-defined abs have become almost like status symbols in today's society. 6-pack abs can only be obtained by having very low body fat levels (under 10% for most people) and well-toned lean muscle tissue, at least in the abdominal/core area. Below we're going to outline a relatively simple way to burn off your extra fat, lose several unwanted pounds, build and tone those stomach muscles (and the rest of your muscles while we're at it), and get six-pack abs in the fastest and healthiest way possible...

1. Get a Game Plan -- Unless you have incredible genetic potential (the kind about 1 in every 100,000 people have), you're not gonna be able to just "wing it" and then somehow end up with great-looking, toned abs. You've got to set some specific goals, create or find a step-by-step fitness/exercise/diet plan, and then stick to that plan closely for several weeks or possibly even months. Weekly and daily "to do" lists are extremely useful until certain important actions (exercise, diet, etc.) become automatic habits.

2. Get On a Lower-Carb, "Natural" Diet -- Diet is about 75% of the solution when it comes to fast, healthy weight loss. Most people's bodies don't handle processed carbs and even some starchy carbs very well. You'll get six pack abs much faster if you cut out refined sugars, processed flours, white potatoes, and most grains from your eating plan. This will cut calories safely while helping to get your blood sugar and insulin levels down and stabilized.

Focus your meals around quality proteins, nuts/seeds, vegetables (especially the green and leafy variety), beans/legumes, small amounts of fruit, and a decent amount of healthy, unrefined fat (think virgin olive oil, avocado, and natural peanut butter). If you can get at least 90-95% of your weekly calories (cheat meals or OK) from natural, unrefined foods you'll be able to burn fat, get rid of that stubborn belly fat, and get those well-defined 6-pack abdominals in a very quick way.

3. Do Short, Intense Workouts Often -- Getting abs isn't all about just doing "ab workouts". In fact, ab-specific exercise (crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, etc.) should only be a compliment to the best form of fat-burning exercise out there: full-body, interval-based, circuit training. Short, high-intensity workouts based around brief "intervals" of strength training and cardio exercise will literally force your body to burn up its fat stores for energy while adding lean muscle tissue and allowing you to get to the low bodyfat percentage necessary for sexy tummy muscles.

So there you go: a simple outline of the steps you can take to get six pack abs in a fast, healthy, safe, and efficient way. A good plan, natural diet, and smart exercise routine is truly all you need to get the lean, sexy, toned body you want!

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