Monday, December 7, 2009

3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast in Winter

Looking for some easy ways to lose weight fast this winter? People often gain lots of body fat during the winter months, but it doesn't have to bee that way. In fact, with a little bit of strategy you could lose fat, get fit, and have your "summer body" by the beginning of spring. Below are three of the best tips for burning fat fast, dropping pounds, and losing weight in a relatively easy manner... even when everyone else around you is stuffing themselves with high-calorie holiday foods!

1. Eat Before You Eat

Eat a small protein-rich and/or fiber-rich snack about 10-20 minutes before each meal. A simple apple works well. So does a small bowl of vegetable soup, a small whey protein shake, or a handful of roasted nuts. These healthy natural foods will help to kill your appetite just enough to keep you from overeating or giving in to food cravings (extremely important during the holiday season!).

2. Drink Lots of Water

Make your water bottle your best friend and carry it with you everywhere. Sip from it all day long. Try to drink at least 70 ounces of pure water and/or sugar-free tea per day. Not only will you be less hungry, but you'll have more energy and a healthier/faster metabolism. All of that adds up to faster easy weight loss.

3. Get the Exercise Habit

Winter is a great time to develop an "exercise habit" that will allow you to burn off body fat and lose weight quickly. Exercise is a natural mood booster that is amazingly easy to become "addicted" to. People who exercise nearly every day are often able to avoid the winter blahs that hit so much of the population every year. The trick is to start small and build from there. Begin with 10 minutes of brisk walking in the morning. Every day add a few minutes or up the intensity a bit. Within about 2-3 weeks your morning workouts should become like your morning coffee: an automatic habit that you can't do without!

So there you go: 3 of the best tips for losing weight in a fast, easy way this winter. You'll get a lot of fitness and health benefits from them if you make them a part of your weekly routine!

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