Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Truth About Acai Berry / Colon Cleanse Diet Products

It seems like you can't go online these days without seeing about a thousand ads for acai berry diet products. Now we're seeing more and more advertisements for "weight loss success" blogs supposedly written by people who have lost lots of body fat very quickly and easily... simply by taking an acai berry supplement and a "colon cleanser" product.

Of course, these nice people just want to share their good fortune with the world by telling us exactly how we too can buy these fantastic "magical" fat loss products that require little or no dieting or exercise. The thing is... there's no doubt these blogs are all fake! They almost all look the same, promote the same products, and tell pretty much the same versions of the same story.

Anytime you see something like that you can be sure there's about a 99% chance it's a rip-off scam.

As I've said before, acai is a great source of healthy antioxidants. But it's not something that's going to help you lose a lot of weight all by itself. You can buy quality acai products for much less than what many of these acai diet pills cost and get many of the health benefits the fruit provides.

As for colon cleansing, it probably doesn't hurt and may even help you lose a couple of pounds easily. But those pounds won't be from fat loss. They'll be from "poop loss". Plus, you can do a natural colon cleanse/detox whenever you want by simply drinking lots of pure water and eating a raw diet for a day or two based around raw organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. No need to buy some expensive colon cleansing product when you can do it much cheaper and, probably, experience even more health benefits on your own.

The bottom line: these fake weight loss blogs promoting these highly questionable, over-priced products are created by marketers and scammers who just want to take your money. Don't give it to them!

By the way, you can see just how common these acai/colon cleanse product offers have become recently by taking a look at this Google search trends graph:

Wow, that's a lot!

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Mal Collector said...

I don' know about Aci Berry.

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