Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cissus Quadrangularis for Weight Loss: Any Reviews?

We've been getting questions about a substance called cissus quadrangularis and its potential weight loss benefits. Only one of our writers had actually heard of the strangely-named plant before, and he only remembered reading about its apparent ability to speed healing of tendon and ligament problems in bodybuilders. Some quick research shows that it is indeed sold on several bodybuilding and health supplement sites and that it's been used to heal broken bones and snapped tendons for a very long time (possibly thousands of years!).

Information regarding weight loss and cissus quadrangularis is pretty limited though. There is one interesting study that shows some promise for using cissus as an obesity fighter. And some experts do believe that it can speed up healthy fat loss, although how the antioxidant-rich plant extract does that exactly is not understood well at all. No matter what, one thing is apparent when it comes to looking at information about cissus quadrangularis: most of it comes from people and companies who have a financial motivation to promote the plant as a "safe" and natural weight loss aid or as a tonic for any of a number of other health issues (including asthma, osteoporosis, H. pylori ulcers, and even hemorrhoids!).

There are many c. quadrangularis supplements on the market. Some of the more popular ones are Super Cissus RX, Primaforce, Aminoslim, and Cissolean. Oh, and of course Cylaris, aka "The World's Strongest Weight Loss Formula" (LOL!). If you have any experience with these or any other cissus product please leave your reviews, testimonials, and opinions in the comments area below. We're especially interested in benefits related to weight loss as well as any negative side effects you may have experienced while taking the product. Thank you!

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