Monday, June 20, 2011

P90X2 Reviews... Coming Soon!

Well we all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. A new "version 2.0" of the ultra-popular P90X home workout program is due to be released soon. Beachbody's new P90X2 program is already getting talked about online like it's the next great fitness product and, not surprisingly, we're already getting emails from people asking for P90X2 reviews!

Unfortunately, as was the case with Insanity Asylum a few months back, it's damn near impossible to review a product before it's actually been released. And no, we haven't had the good fortune of being sent a "preview" copy of any of the P90X2 workout videos. In fact, as far as we know, the product isn't even compeltely finished yet. Truly helpful, in-depth reviews from real users won't be available until at least a couple of weeks after P90X2 has been released. Rumors are that the release date will be sometime in late summer or early fall.

What we do know is that this program, like its big brother, was created by Tony Horton and with the help of a relatively well-known sports science expert named Dr. Marcus Elliott. It promises to help you burn even more fat, get even more ripped, and build even more strength than the original. (We wonder if Beachbody will continue to sell the original P90X if the new one is so much better!)

One of the main focuses with the new program, at least according to the Beachbody people, appears to be on increased intensity and improved efficiency. In other words, better (or at least equally-as-good) fat-burning, muscle-building results in less time. P90X2 involves only 5 workouts per week instead of P90X's 6 weekly workouts.

According to the P90X2 website, the new program will feature improved "muscle confusion" with more exercise combinations/complexes and a "less is more" strategy that focuses more on exercise intensity over exercise volume. It involves 3 phases:
  • Foundation
  • Strength
  • Performance 
Dr. Elliott's input -- which is said to be based on the "latest research in applied science" --  supposedly results in a program that can help everyone, from long-distance runners to professional athletes.

As is always the case with Beachbody products, the marketing hype is laid on pretty thick. So it's tough to tell right now just how good or how unique this new product really is. But we think it will probably be better than P90X and its grueling 6-days-per-week workout schedule. Of course, until a significant amount of reviews begin rolling in, we won't know for sure.

One thing is for sure, however: there will be a BIG push to make sure P90X2 sales match the blockbuster success of the original... so get ready for lots more of those slick late-night infomercials!

Here's a look at the new commercials...

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