Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fastest SIMPLE Way to Lose Weight

Looking for a really simple way to lose weight fast? The tips below are 100% proven to help just about anyone burn fat, lose pounds, and tone up very quickly... all without complicated diets, extreme workout routines, or expensive weight loss supplements.

When used in combination these tips represent one of the best and simplest methods for safely shedding weight fast...

1. Eat a simple, unprocessed diet

For the next few weeks, eat only meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and some fruit. Eat little or no starch (grains, potatoes, etc.). Eat absolutely NO refined sugars, refined flours, or other processed carbohydrates. Drink LOTS of water, up to a gallon per day if you can!

2. Fill yourself up.

Starving yourself of food, calories, and fat simply doesn't work. A much better option is to eat several meals and snacks throughout the day, focusing on eating LOTS of lean proteins, vegetables, and beans with some fresh fruit and healthy fats/oils. You won't be hungry because the protein, fiber, and "clean" carbs will fill you up incredibly well. You'll have lots of energy yet you'll still be able to lose weight rapidly.

3. Do simple workouts based around "big" exercises.

Do several workouts per week that focus on "big" compound strength training exercises like squats, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, deadlifts, burpees, etc. Use either bodyweight exercises, weights, or (the best option) a combination of the two. Keep your workouts to about 30 minutes in length, focusing on intensity and quality over exercise volume. Do a few minutes (10 or less) of higher-intensity cardio at the end of the workouts (or mixed in throughout) to really jack up your body's metabolism and fat-burning mechanisms.

4. Go play.

At least 2 or 3 times a week get outside and do one or more of the following for about an hour: ride a bike, swim, hike, run, row, or play a higher-intensity sport (like basketball, tennis, soccer, etc.). This will allow you to melt off more pounds without even realizing because, ideally, you should be having fun!

5. Take recovery supplements.

Every day take a high-quality multi-vitamin and drink at least 2 whey protein-based shakes. Also consider taking a good omega 3 supplement, especially if you don't eat a lot of oily fish. This will help your body recovery more quickly from tough workouts. It'll also ensure that you're getting all the essential nutrients you need to maximize fat loss and help minimize the loss of vital lean muscle tissue!

That's it. Eat a simple diet based around natural foods. Fill yourself up with protein and high-fiber carb foods. Do simple strength-based workouts based around compound exercises and small bouts of intense cardio. Get outdoors and play a couple times per week. And take a few relatively inexpensive supplements that help you recover faster, optimize your metabolism, and protect sexy lean muscle.

Give this simple plan a try and I promise you'll lose a lot of weight within the next 2-6 weeks. You'll also feel good and have more energy!


Do you have some feedback about this ultra simple and super FAST way to lose weight? Please leave your questions, comments, and tips below!

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