Monday, April 26, 2010

Any Ab Circle Mini Reviews?

So the new Ab Circle Mini has finally been released and the fitness world is all abuzz, as expected. Pumping millions of dollars into online and offline promotion/marketing can do that for a product. But now the question is: does it work? And, if it does, is it worth the hundred dollar price tag?

The original Ab Circle Pro left a lot of customers unhappy, to put it mildly. It was constructed out of relatively low-quality materials and had extremely uncomfortable knee pads. Many users also thought that while it did work the abdominal muscles and obliques pretty well, the "cardio" exercise aspect of a typical workout wasn't all that great.

The fact that it was promoted as a weight loss solution led many customers to believe that it was an all-in-one machine for burning fat and getting those sexy "six pack" abs we all want!

So now's your chance to share you thoughts and opinions with the world regarding this ultra-hot new home fitness product. Just leave your useful reviews in the "comments" section below. Please be as helpful and candid as possible. Thank you! :)


Regina Bell said...

I bought the Mini Circle on day one last week and so far I'm very please with my purchase. I never used the Ab Circle Pro so I can't compare the 2 products but I can tell you that the Mini gives you a great ab workout. You can feel your abdominals working the entire time you're doing the workouts. But just as a warning the first week you will probably experience alot of soreness like I did!

JuneY said...

I'm not thrilled about my ab circle mini machine. I bought it on HSN a couple weeks ago and have only been able to use it about 5 times. It's just not a comfortable piece of exercise equipment, at least from my point of view. I'm probably going to return it next week.