Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Fastest "Easy" Way to Lose Weight

Lots of people have asked us about the fastest and best "easy" way to lose weight... so I'll try to answer that in this post. I'll go over a few simple techniques that are proven to help just about anyone burn fat, lose pounds, and shed weight in a quick and relatively easy way...

First off, when people say they want an easy weight loss solution that usually means that they don't want to do any exercise. "No exercise" weight loss plans can work but they usually don't provide the best possible results. Even a small amount of exercise can provide big benefits that diet-only weight loss plans simply can't match. Plus, with just a small amount of efficient exercise, the pounds will actually come of more easily in the end!

The key to dropping weight quickly and in the easiest possible fashion is to eat only good foods, avoid all bad foods, do a small amount of exercise regularly, and take a few cheap supplements that help to optimize your metabolism in a way that speeds up fat loss. Follow the tips below and you should have no problem losing 10-20 pounds within the next month...

3 Steps for Easy Fast Weight Loss Success

1. Eat Only Clean Foods

If you get all of your calories from clean, unprocessed foods you'll have no problem losing weight very quickly. Simply cut all processed foods out of your diet, especially refined sugars, flours, and vegetable oil. Eat only meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. Also include small amounts of healthy fats like extra-virgin olive oil. For the fastest possible weight loss results also avoid starches like grain products and potatoes, or learn how to cycle them in and out of your diet in a way that confuses your body and stimulates your metabolism.

2. Do Small Amounts of Smart Exercise

Do about 15-20 minutes of smart, efficient exercise at least 3 times per week. Just about anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat is beneficial. But the most effective and "smartest" type of exercise is interval-based circuit training that combines both resistance/strength training and cardio exercise. This powerful form of exercise is proven to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat, and cause some very beneficial hormonal changes in your body that make it easier to lose weight quickly.

3. Take "Easy Weight Loss" Supplements

Certain diet supplements can make weight loss a lot faster and easier. The best examples are whey protein powder, omega 3 fat formulas (like fish oil), quality multivitamins, and green tea extract. Natural forms of caffeine (even simple black coffee) taken about 30 minutes before your workouts can also help your body burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently.

So there you go: one of the fastest "easy" ways to lose weight. It all comes down to giving your body only quality foods that don't contain empty or low-quality calories, reaping the many benefits of exercise with minimal effort, and taking a few supplements that help to get your body into weight loss mode!

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