Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Really Easy Weight Loss Tips

Looking for really easy ways to lose weight? Then follow these tips...

1. Eat LOTS of fiber. Fiber is you're friend when it comes to fast, healthy weight loss. High-fiber foods fill you up, kill your appetite, and clean out your system. The best options are natural foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes. If you eat grain products, always be sure to choose 100% whole-grain versions since these are packed with fiber!

2. Fill up on water. Water is another "easy weight loss" tool. Research has shown that people who drink large amounts of water are better able to control their hunger/appetite and lose weight faster. Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times and sip from it all day long. It'll keep your hydrated, boost your metabolism, and help keep your hunger in check.

3. Eat nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are great foods for making fat loss easier. They taste good, are packed with healthy fats and other vital nutrients, and they fill you up big time! Just a small handful of nuts or seeds can kill hunger and keep you feeling full for hours. Just be sure to always choose sugar-free versions (e.g. no "honey" coated nuts).

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