Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Fastest Healthy Way to Lose Weight (In a Nutshell)

Looking for the fastest "healthy" way to burn fat and lose weight? If so, you're in luck! In this post I'm going to show you -- in a nutshell -- what is almost definitely the best way to get rid of body fat and lose pounds in the quickest amount of time possible. Using the simple and proven tips below you should be able to lose at least 5-10 pounds within the next couple weeks... and then continue (if you want/need to) losing fat in a healthy, safe, and efficient manner for as long as you want!

STEP 1: Get energized and motivated

You've got to get yourself physically and mentally energized in order to lose weight at the fastest rate possible. You've also got to get and stay ultra-motivated at all times! Start by creating a powerful goal statement and reviewing it daily. Look at photos of people with fit, lean bodies and/or photos of your soft, chubby body (trust me, this works wonders). Boost your energy naturally by getting plenty of sleep, drinking large amounts of water, avoiding highly processed foods as much as possible, and doing some form of exercise most days of the week.

STEP 2: Eat a "clean calorie" diet

For rapid fat loss results, you need to get all or at least most (90%+) of your calories from "clean calorie" sources: mainly lean proteins, healthy fats, and small amounts of unprocessed, low-GI carbohydrates (e.g. vegetables, beans, legumes, and some fruits). Avoid all simple sugars and highly refined carb sources (e.g. white breads, pastas, sodas, etc.). Most people get the quickest weight loss results by cutting out all starches as well -- including whole grains, rice, potatoes, etc. -- at least for the first few weeks. Without a super-clean eating plan you're not going to lose pounds in the fastest way possible... in fact you may not lose weight at all!

STEP 3: Do interval-based exercise

Interval-based exercise is the best for boosting your metabolism significantly and burning fat quickly while also preserving (or even increasing) that all-important lean muscle tissue. Do some form of interval-based exercise at least 4 times a week. For best/fastest results combine both full-body strength/resistance training (such as bodyweight circuit training) and variable-intensity cardio exercise (such as HIIT training). Keep your workouts short (under 40 minutes) and intense... quality is better than quantity! Also keep them at least mildly enjoyable and mix things up often, both for your own enjoyment and to keep your body from adapting (as will most certainly do eventually).

So there you go: the fastest "healthy" way to burn fat and lose weight. All it takes is focus, motivation, and all-out action combined with a clean diet and some efficient exercise. Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe not. But the good news is that research shows that making big changes and taking "big" action actually works better than the typical slow-and-steady, "small, gradual changes" weight loss plans. So get yourself a good fitness/fat loss plan and getting going!

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