Friday, February 8, 2013

Natural HGH Boosting: Burn More Fat, Build More Muscle

Want to burn more fat, build more muscle, feel better, and have more energy? If you're older (over 50) do you want to protect/maintain the lean muscle you have while keeping body fat levels low? You can do all of that by boosting the amount of human growth hormone (HGH) circulating in your body. Here are some simple and practical tips for naturally boosting HGH levels without using drugs or expensive/dangerous/unproven diet supplements...

1. Exercise on an empty stomach -- Research has shown that working out on an empty stomach (in a "fasting" state) provides many fitness, muscle building, and fat loss benefits. It forces the body to tap into fat stores for energy while also causing hormonal steroid-like changes (allowing for simultaneous fat burning and muscle preservation/increase).

2. Do high-intensity, low-volume exercise often -- High-intensity cardio exercise and weight training causes the body to pump out extra growth hormone. HIIT-style strength training, where you do only a few "heavy" sets of compound exercises (e.g. squats, rows, deadlifts, presses, etc.), is especially effective at boosting HGH production, even in older people.

3. Drink whey-protein shakes every day -- Scientific research has proven that consuming whey protein can have a very beneficial effect on human hormone levels. A recent study showed that people who do and hour and a half of cardio exercise, then drank a whey protein shake afterwards, then did a session of high-intensity exercise, experienced a huge increase in human growth hormone production

4. Try intermittent fasting -- Eat only during a 6 hour window every day. Once every 7-10 days go for 36-48 hours without eating anything. Occasional fasting can significantly improve overall hormone production, especially when combined with frequent intense exercise. When you do eat, focus on a following a low-carb, high-protein diet that also includes lots of healthy fats/oils. Eat little or no sugar and very little grains/starches.


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