Thursday, September 9, 2010

Any 3 Minute Legs (Scam) Reviews?

OK so here's the deal: I saw the "3 Minute Legs" infomercial on TV for the first time late last night and I want someone to prove to me that it's not the dumbest fitness machine ever created. I mean dang! How can they sell this crap on television?? Please provide any reviews in the comments section below...

This "exercise machine" is apparently designed to help you slim down and tighten up your lower body. You know: butts, legs, thighs, hips, etc. How does it do that? With squat and lunge motions, 2 of the absolute best exercise movements in existence -- and not just for "lower body reduction".

But here's the 2 major problems with this scam product:
  1. It makes squats and lunges less effective by supporting your body weight and decreasing resistance. Why the heck would we want to do that? If anything, we'd want to make these movements a little bit more difficult by adding some resistance (like weights, resistance bands, or even a heavy book balanced on your head!).
  2. 2. It costs money. Why would someone pay money to do two of the best FREE exercises known to man?
Bodyweight squats and lunges are great if you want to boost your metabolism, burn fat, lose weight, build lean muscle, tone and tighten your lower body, and basically improve your entire body. In fact the bodyweight squat may be the single best exercise known to man! But don't waste your money on this incredibly dumb product.

If you really wish to make squats easier just hold onto the back of a sturdy chair or something similar while you do them. It will be significantly easier to balance and you can use your upper body strength if you need some assistance. If you do this type of "assisted squat" on a regular basis you'll soon build up your leg strength and stamina and you won't need a chair for help, much less the 3 Minute Legs gadget!

Don't agree with me? Then please share your own reviews and opinions of the 3 Minute Legs device. I'd love to hear why it's not the biggest piece of "fitness" crap ever and a huge rip-off. Thanks!! :D

Oh I almost forgot, here's a video of the 3 Minute Legs commercial:

That's just hilarious.


Sine said...

Hi there,

I think your right in that it's never going to be better than doing the exercise itself however I had both my legs broken when I was a teen so doing lunges or squats is incredibly painful and cannot be good and I've been using this for the past two weeks (granted before it was locked in my cupboard never used lol ) and I can honestly say my bum is definitely feeling tighter and my legs are slimmer. No massive results but I can certainly feel a difference.

Hope that helps!


Sine said...

Hi all, I agree that it's probably not "as good" as doing the actual exercise.

However I had both my legs broken when I was a teen so crouching or squatting is very hard and painful for me. Using the three minute legs for the past two weeks is making a difference. No, I've not gone from a 14 to an 8 or anything crazy lol but my bum is definitely feeling firmer and my legs are stronger. Granted it's been hidden in the cupboard for years but it's now out and being used daily and I'm really liking the results I'm seeing so far.

Hope that helps!

Sine x