Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Ways to Wake Yourself Up To Work Out

Morning workouts are great for burning fat quickly and easily. The only problem is waking yourself up and having enough energy to do a short, intense, effective exercise session.

Here are 3 good ways to wake yourself up and boost your energy for exercise:

1. Drink a few cups of green tea. The natural caffeine in green tea is a good energy booster. Plus green tea contains chemicals that actually help your body burn more fat during exercise.

2. Drink a cup of black coffee. Packed with caffeine and antioxidants, black coffee is good natural energy booster. But it must be black as sugar/sweeteners and milk/cream -- or anything else that adds calories -- may interfere with the fat-burning processes during exercise.

3. Take a healthy energy booster. There are a few healthy energy boosters out there are the market that are based on natural caffeine sources, b-vitamins, yerba mate, etc. You might want to consider getting one since they really do give you a big boost of energy and many contain ingredients that help you burn fat even faster.

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