Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 Easy Ways to Boost Motivation Fast

Boosting your motivation and focus is one of the most important steps to losing weight fast. Without ongoing, compounding motivation and focus you're pretty much going to be spinning your wheels, especially after the initial "burst" of energy that comes from starting a new fitness or fat loss program wears off.

Here are 3 easy ways to boost your motivation and focus quickly....

Get mad

Standing in front of a mirror naked... or at least with your shirt off. Grab the big, thick role of ugly flab that's surrounding your midsection with both hands. Take a few minutes to think about the things it's probably holding your back from: mainly a healthy, energetic, live-to-the-fullest life!

Now let your ugly, stubborn flab get you really mad. Use that anger to focus on your goals (see below) and get going!

Get goals

Set goals and remind yourself of them constantly. Have on major overriding positive goal statement that you can come back to repeatedly... such as:

"I am so happy to have lost 20 pounds of body fat by eating right, exercising, and taking the right supplements for just 6 week. I look and feel fantastic!"

Set weekly and daily goals related to healthy eating, exercise, sleep, supplementation, etc.Write your goals down and read them often.This is a proven way to boost and maintain motivation, energy, and focus.

Get some small "wins"

Get small "wins" early and often is key to creating unstoppable motivation. A small win could be something as simple as setting a goal to eat healthy and exercise for one day: tomorrow. At the end of the day, after you've completed your goals, get a calender and draw a line through the day. See how long you can keep this line going. Each day remember to look and the line and remind yourself of the incredible, day by day progress you're making.

This is an incredibly powerful and effective motivation tool. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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