Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

fit girl doing ab crunches to burn off her belly fat fast
Hi! Are you looking for the fastest way to get rid of your ugly belly fat? Then you’ll want to take a look at the simple, proven plan outlined below. Losing abdominal fat does not need to be a slow, complicated, dangerous, or expensive process... as you'll see below.

The 3 keys to burning fat and getting a flatter, tighter stomach in the quickest way possible are:

  1. Cut calories without being hungry all the time.
  2. Burn more calories through consistent, highly-efficient exercise.
  3. Optimize your hormone levels and metabolism for rapid fat loss with minimal lean muscle loss.

So we’re not talking about starving yourself or spending hours jogging on a boring treadmill. We’re talking about using a few proven techniques to put your body into its ideal “belly fat-burning mode” so that you can shed ugly fat, keep your vital muscle tissue, and look better within just a few short days/weeks!

Keys to Burning Belly Fat Really FAST

1. Eat the simplest foods.

In general, the simpler and more unprocessed a food is, the better it is for fast weight loss. This is one reason why “paleo” diets work so well: they focus on the 100% natural, unprocessed foods our bodies thrive on.

For the fastest possible fat loss results get nearly all your calories from these simple foods: meats, eggs, fish/seafood, vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, large seeds (non-grain), and natural oils/fats (like unrefined coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil). Avoid all grains, refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, refined oils, and chemical additives.

If you eat mainly simple, unprocessed foods you will definitely begin to lose pounds immediately. You’ll cut calorie intake naturally but because of the high fiber and protein content of the foods listed above you won’t be hungry all the time. Also, you’ll get your blood sugar and insulin levels under control which is extremely important for the quickest fat loss possible!

2. Do short, intense bodyweight workouts.

Don’t make the common fitness mistake of trying to simply “sweat” the fat off with lots and lots of long, boring, steady-state cardio workouts (treadmill jogging, stationary bike ride, elliptical machine striding, etc). There’s a much more efficient, fun, and safe way: bodyweight workouts.

Every other day do a short (20 minutes max) workout based around the most effective bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pulls-ups, squats, lunges, inverted rows, dips, and burpees. Throw in short, high-intensity interval training sessions (aka HIIT workouts) based around bodyweight cardio like sprints, box jumps, rope jumping, etc. Keep the workouts brief but intense and never try to “kill” yourself or you’ll end up getting hurt or becoming over-trained very quickly.

The key to working out for the fastest and best possible fat loss results is intensity and quality of exercise. High-volume, low-quality workouts can work over the short run. But higher-intensity bodyweight training is definitely the most efficient form of exercise because it stimulates the metabolism, causes powerful hormonal changes, burns fat for hours after the workouts are completed, and builds/preserves lean muscle all at the same time (and with minimal risks or energy or over-training!).

3. Take proven support supplements.

To lose belly fat in the quickest possible way you need to take a few proven and relatively low-cost supplements. High-quality supplements ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs for optimal metabolic function and hormone production. Good supplements simply give you better fitness results in less time.

The best supplements for burning stomach fat fast are:

Whey Protein - A good whey powder provides some very big advantages no other protein gives you. Whey gets absorbed into the body extremely rapidly and is the ideal protein for post-workout recovery shakes. For best results drink at least 2 or 3 whey protein shakes per day, especially within 20 minutes of workouts and, if possible, first thing in the morning. They’ll help your muscles recover faster, control your appetite/cravings, and provide a big boost to your fat-burning results!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish or Krill Oil) -- Nearly all of us need more “good” fats in our diets and a good omega 3 fat supplement is the simplest way to do it. Healthy fats are extremely important for optimizing the metabolism and providing the body with the nutrients it needs for optimal hormone production and balance. For the best results take a quality fish oil or krill oil supplement. You’ll have more energy, less hunger, and you’ll simply feel a lot better than if you don’t take an omega 3 supplement!

High-Potency Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral Formula -- It’s extremely difficult to get all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements we need through diet alone. A good high-potency “multi” is a simple, low-cost way to make sure your body has every single nutrient it needs in amounts sufficient for the fastest, safest fat loss results. A good multi can significantly boost your energy levels while helping you recover much faster from intense workouts.


So there you have it: one of the simplest and fastest ways to lose belly fat. All it takes is eating healthy, clean diet based around simple, unprocessed foods; doing short, intense, efficient bodyweight workouts often; and taking a few highly effective “support” supplements for better results in less time. I can practically guarantee you’ll a significant amount of abdominal fat in a very short amount of time if you closely follow the steps outlined above.

Good luck and get to work! :)


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Sonja Jovanova said...

As soon as you changethis equation your body will respond and you can lose weight quickly . The key to losing weight successfully is following directions step by step. Those who are looking for weight loss tips must know that there is no such miracle possible as getting your weight lost within a week or so. In losing weight, we don't just lose fat but we also lose a combination of body fat and muscle tissue in our body. Unless you are motivated you can never lose the desired amount of weight as motivation is something which would drive you towards your goal and help you achieve it. Many people lose their weight quickly but then they regain it within 24 hours.

Lose Belly Fat said...

Thanks for sharing those simplest and fastest ways to lose belly fat. All it takes is eating healthy, taking some effective supplements and also doing some workouts.

Anonymous said...

Could you also provide tips on how to loose fats in thighs and legs and make it leaner and toned?

IAS said...

Really very good tips you shared with us. I lose my fat by control on my diet and take exercises in routine really. I personally suggest you here If you want to really lose fat then do running and eat less but healthy always and maintain your these plan, you might be lose weight very fast.

Lana D said...

Amazing how the 'secrets' are so simple and it's pretty much on this post. A lot of people use the excuse that they don't have time to exercise. Your #2 eliminates this excuse. You really don't need to spend 40-60 minutes exercising. The intensity is the key and doing high intensity workouts work wonders no matter what treadmill you use, streets or neighborhoods you're at, you can pack a 50 minute workout within 10-15 minutes by increasing your intensity.