Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fast, Easy Way to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

Do you need to lose some weight quickly? Want to look thinner/leaner for an important event next week? Well you're in the right place. In this article I'm going to give you some proven tips for fast and relatively easy weight loss success. This is one of the fastest ways to lose 5 pounds (in about a week). Here we go...

Don' Starve and Forget the Diet Pills

The first step is to not try to "stave the weight off. Starvation and crash dieting just doesn't work very well, in the short term OR in the long term. The same goes for all the "magical" diet pills and bizarre weight loss supplements out there. Don't waste your money or risk your health on expensive pills, powders, or other junk.

The Keys to Success

You can easily lose 5 pounds within the next 7 days by combining a few proven techniques and making small, relatively painless sacrifices (especially in terms of eating). It really comes down to cutting out ALL the foods and drinks that slow or stop your body's natural fat-burning, pound-shedding processes while taking steps to speed up your metabolism and optimize your hormone levels for healthy fast weight loss.

If you do all of these things you'll be significantly lighter and thinner by this time next week:

1. Don't Drink Calories

Many of us take in an amazing amount of calories through liquids we drink. If you drink only water and sugar-free teas you'll automatically cut your calorie intake. If you drink enough -- up to a gallon per day for the fastest possible results -- you'll boost your metabolism, minimize hunger, and (paradoxically) flush excess "water weight" out of your body.

2. Don't Eat White Carbs

For the next week, cut ALL "white" carbohydrate foods out of your diet. These include: refined grain products (breads, pastas, crackers, etc.), white rice, and white potatoes. The starchy foods have tons of simple, low-quality carbs that make it very difficult to lose pounds quickly. Cut them out and you'll stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin production -- VERY important if you want to avoid food cravings, burn fat, and lose pounds ASAP. You'll also automatically slim down your belly because these high-calorie starches causes a lot of bloating.

3. Do 30-Minute Combo Workouts Every Other Day

Do 30-minute workouts that combine strength training and cardio exercise about every other day, 3-4 times in the week. You'll burn more calories and body fat than cardio-only workouts and you'll tone up your muscles. Choose compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, etc. By the end of the week your body should have a sleeker and "tighter" look that makes you appear to have lost even more than the 5 pounds we're shooting for!

Lose 5 Lbs FAST -- The Fastest Tips

If you want to lose those five pounds in the fastest way possible do these things as well:

1. Go Low-Carb

Cut all starches and high-sugar carbohydrates out of your diet for the next 7 days. Low-carb diets are great for shedding several pounds and losing a few inches from your stomach and thighs quickly, mainly because of the way they affect your body's glycogen levels and overall chemistry. Basically, just stick to high-quality proteins, healthy oils/fats, and vegetables and the pounds will melt off!

2. Take Some Caffeine Before Workouts

Your body will burn more fat if you take some caffeine about 30 minutes before your workouts, and you'll lose pounds faster. You can take a caffeine-containing supplement, chug a sugar-free energy drink, or just drink some coffee (or strong-brewed green tea). Caffeine speeds up the metabolism and allows you to workout harder, longer.

3. Sleep More

Just getting 30 to 60 minutes more sleep per night can make a big difference. Most people need at least 7 hours of sleep per night to lose weight as quickly as possible. Studies show that well-rested people have more energy, stronger metabolisms, and fewer cravings for sugar and fatty foods. You'll also have a more ideal overall hormonal balance if you get more sleep!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fastest Diet for Losing Belly Fat

Here's an email we just got asking about the fastest diet to lose belly fat:

"Hi. I'm a 32 year old woman and I've been battling with my flabby belly for several years. My stomach looks like a man's beer belly and I want to get rid of it ASAP! Please tell me the quickest diet for losing belly fat. Thank you!" -- Janet from Las Vegas, NV

We get a lot of similar questions every month. Obviously stubborn belly fat is a big problem for many people. The good news is that it's not difficult to burn off abdominal fat very rapidly with the right diet and exercise program. Here are a few tips for losing stomach fat in the fastest way possible...

1. Eliminate all processed foods -- For the time being cut ALL processed foods from your diet. This is one of the simplest, easiest, and quickest ways to get your body into it's natural "weight loss" mode metabolically and hormonally. Also avoid beverages with artificial sweeteners if you can.

2. Cut down on sugar -- Eat as little sugar as possible. This is really important to cut down on total calorie intake and to keep blood sugar/insulin levels stable while minimizing hunger and food cravings.

3. Eat lots of raw foods -- Try to get at least a third of your calories from raw foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, and low-sugar fruits. They will fill you up and make you feel good while helping you lose belly fat as fast as possible. Choose organic versions whenever possible.

4. Eat plenty of quality protein and good fats -- All your meals and snacks should be based around a quality protein source and many of them should contain some healthy fats (like virgin olive oil, natural peanut butter, avocado, coconut oil, etc.). Protein and good fats fight hunger and help to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels.

5. Avoid all trans fats and other highly refined fats/oils -- Refined fats are just plain bad for you. They zap energy and make you fat.

6. Drink LOTS of water -- Water is a natural appetite suppressor and energy booster. Try to drink at least a gallon a day for the fastest fat burning results!

7. Eat lots of protein-based snacks and protein shakes -- Try to eat a small amount of protein every 2-3 hours during the day, either by itself or with a bit of healthy fats and/or good carbs. You'll feel less hungry and lose your belly fat much faster!

So there you have it: the fastest diet for losing belly fat. Obviously you need to do some effective exercise as well for the quickest possible results but, since diet is 80% of the battle, these tips will get you on your way to a leaner stomach!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Fastest & Simplest Way to Burn Fat, Lose Pounds, and Look Sexy

Burning off ugly body fat, losing pounds, and creating a leaner, fitter, sexier-looking body does NOT have to be a difficult, complicated, and/or slow process. If you follow all of the steps outlined below you will have no problem losing weight quickly while building lean muscle mass and greatly improving the way you look and feel...

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight and Look Great

1. Eat mainly natural, unprocessed plants (e.g. vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.) and some animal protein (meat, eggs, fish, etc.). Also eat some healthy fat/oil every day. Avoid all processed foods and refined ingredients, especially sugars, flours, and fats.

2. Move slowly often. Our bodies are designed to move slowly, frequently, for extended periods of time. So spend some time walking, bike riding, hiking, every week, at least 3 hours total.

3. Do simple, heavy strength training. 2 or 3 times per week do some form of strength training. Lift weights or utilize your own bodyweight. Just focus on simple, compound movements that work lots of muscle at the same time -- squats, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, etc.

4. Move fast occasionally. Once or twice a week get out and do some form of fast, high-intensity cardio training like wind-sprints. Keep the workouts short (about 10 - 15 minutes total) and do short rounds of very high-intensity activity followed by brief rest/recovery periods (aka "interval" training).

5. Cover the basics. Our bodies need certain things to be able to burn off fat and lose pounds in the fastest way possible. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and try to get a decent amount of sunlight exposure every week. Also get outside and play a sport or take part in an exercise-related activity (like hiking) at least once a week to reduce stress burn more calories.

That's it. The simplest, fastest, and easiest way to burn fat and create a sexier-looking body. This method is 100% proven to work so give it a try and start creating your new body today!


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